Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome To My Life

I realized something in the last couple of months, I am a fat girl and I hate it. I used to make excuses for not being active, not doing things. I read 150 books in a year, but I barley got off of the couch except to go to work. I became overwhelmed I did not want to leave the house unless I absolutely had to. Kicking the fast food habit seemed next to impossible when you work in that environment on a daily basis.

Sure I tired diets who hasn't they lasted anywhere from a week to a few hours. I had no will power, until now, this time everything needs to change, it is no longer optional. I am sick and tired of being the designated fat friend, the one who is limited at amusement parks, or the one who can't walk a mile without being winded.  So I started this blog, to hold me accountable, and a place I can go with anything, book reviews, knitting, a small quiet place to unwind my life.